payroll, applicant tracking, Time/Labor Management and more

Applicants, employees, time cards, payroll, vacation leave, sick leave, can be a lot to manage.  When paper and pencil or your old system is creating more work than help it's time to see what else is out there to make your life easier.  With a broad spectrum of products out there we can help you find the right one for your needs.  The RFP process can be daunting and eat up a lot of your time.  Let CHRC, LLC. help take some of this burden off of you and manage the process for you.  We can even assist with the implementation and roll out to your employees. 


file management, I-9 processing, e-verify and more

If Immigrations and Customs Enforcement showed up at your office how confident are you about passing a Form I-9 Audit? Violations can cost up to $1,100.00 per incident.  Don't wait for ICE to contact you for an audit.  CHRC, LLC. can audit your I-9 files and correct any errors before they become costly violations.  We can also assist with personnel file management, the E-verify process, FMLA compliance, wage and hour compliance and HIPAA compliance.  Ignorance of the law is no defense.  Make sure you protect yourself today. 

HR policy and procedure manual creation

say what you do, do what you say

Whether you are a company of one or many, having Human Resources Policies and Procedures are critical.  Not only do they assist with the day to day decision making process but they can also provide protection from possible legal action.  You already have policies and procedures in place, they just may not be written down and organized.  CHRC, LLC. can work with you to define what you are already doing and present it in an organized manner.  Many off the shelf products offer a cookie cutter approach that doesn't always give an organization what they need.  Our streamlined, yet customized approach gives you the flexibility you need.     

project management solutions

When time and talent are not available from within the organization, look to CHRC, LLC. to help get the job done.  Partnering with CHRC, LLC. will allow you to free up your time and focus on the core of your business.  Our project management solutions include HR Policy and Procedure Manuals/Employee Handbooks, finding the right HRMS for your business, back ground checks, drug screening process, training execution, benefits analysis and much more.  We are able to customize our services to meet your specific needs.